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NaFu Yixing Teapot TuanNi 团泥纳福紫砂壶 - TeaOverflow

NaFu Yixing Teapot TuanNi 团泥纳福紫砂壶 - TeaOverflow

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Forming method: Handmade
Style type: NaFu(纳福)
Clay type: TuanNi(Coexisting Ore of purple clay and vermilion clay)
Capacity: approx. 220 mL


This teapot is exceptionally beautiful and exquisite. It is crafted from a rare clay material known as 'golden tuan clay,' giving it a stylish appearance. The spout is designed with a slight concave processing, making the water flow more charmingly and enhancing its overall style. This is a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. This is made from natural materials, specifically the original Yixing ore purple clay. Purple clay is a scarce resource, and its excellent heat retention is due to its good porosity. The unique cooling curve helps the tea maintain its original flavor, making it an ideal choice for tea brewing,even more suitable than pottery and porcelain.

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