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Yixing Clay Teapot

"Language of flowers" - Vermilion(Red) Clay - Yixing Clay Teapot - TeaOverfloow

"Language of flowers" - Vermilion(Red) Clay - Yixing Clay Teapot - TeaOverfloow

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Forming method: Handmade
Artist: Wu Yongming
Clay type: Vermilion clay
Capacity: approx. 150 mL


Introducing our latest addition: the National Master Craftsman - "Flower Language" by Mr. Wu Yongming. Just looking at the pictures alone is enough to ignite excitement. This teapot, "Flower Language," is simply breathtaking. Holding it in your hands feels like holding a blooming rose, making it irresistible and leaving you eager to find a place to showcase it. One teapot is simply not enough!

Crafted from vermilion clay, this material is rather delicate, so it's important to avoid exposing it to water temperatures above 90 degrees Celsius(194°F). It is best suited for brewing light-colored teas. Drastic temperature differences can cause cracks, rendering its delicate beauty akin to a fragile flower. The name "Flower Language" is inspired by an ancient Chinese poem that goes: "Tears in my eyes, I ask the flowers, but they remain silent." It portrays a woman deeply in love, too shy to express her emotions, turning to the flowers for solace. How can flowers speak? This poetic imagery captures the essence of the poem and reflects the key message conveyed by this purple clay teapot - it understands your words, comprehends your emotions, and though it remains silent, it accompanies you every moment, just like a flower, just like love.

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