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Yixing Clay Teapot

Dragon Fish Teapot (author retired in 2023) - Yixing Purple Clay Teapot

Dragon Fish Teapot (author retired in 2023) - Yixing Purple Clay Teapot

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Forming method: Half Handmade
Artist: Fang Xiuxia
Clay type: Vermilion clay
Capacity: approx. 220 mL

According to traditional Chinese culture, the transformation of a fish into a dragon symbolizes auspiciousness. Legend has it that when a carp jumps over a waterfall, it transforms into a powerful dragon. Taking inspiration from this momentous event, we present the handmade Dragon Fish Purple Clay Teapot, designed to bring good fortune into your life.

This exquisite teapot showcases intricate details of both the Chinese dragon and the carp. The body features the graceful curves of a carp's tail combined with subtle hints of a dragon's head. The handle is designed with scale patterns, providing not only a secure grip but also representing the mystical dragon scales. The lid is crafted in the shape of a carp's tail, adding a touch of elegance to the teapot.

When pouring tea, the dragon head on top of the teapot will extend its tongue, adding a delightful touch of animation to your tea ceremony. The spiral pattern on the teapot symbolizes auspiciousness, peace, and happiness in Chinese culture, adding profound meaning to this teapot's overall design.

During transportation, great care is taken to protect the delicate tongue of the dragon, as it is a sensitive and fragile part. Soft tissues are carefully packed to prevent any movement or damage during transit.

Crafted with precious Yixing purple clay, this teapot embodies the unique reddish hue with a touch of yellow. The clay is highly sensitive, so it is recommended to treat it with care. Before use, it is best to gently warm the teapot with water at around 50 degrees Celsius. If pouring boiling water directly into the teapot in extremely cold weather, such as temperatures below freezing, it may cause cracking.

Experience the power and beauty of the Dragon Fish Purple Clay Teapot, a symbol of luck and prosperity, while enjoying the art of tea brewing.

The author is Fang Xiuxia. She devoted her entire life to Dragon Fish Teapot and rarely made other types of teapots. She has now retired.

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