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Bamboo Joint Teacup Yixing Teapot QingShuiNi 清水泥竹节紫砂杯 - TeaOverflow

Bamboo Joint Teacup Yixing Teapot QingShuiNi 清水泥竹节紫砂杯 - TeaOverflow

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Forming method: Handmade
Style type: Bamboo Joint Teacup(竹节紫砂杯)
Clay type: QingShuiNi(One type of pure purple clay)
Capacity: approx. 360 mL


This is a stylishly designed purple clay cup, with all bamboo joint elements crafted by hand. During production, a small piece of clay is molded into the shape of bamboo leaves and joints. It is connected and continuously refined, resulting in this exquisite purple clay teapot. The beautiful appearance features a wider base and a narrower top, mimicking the process of bamboo growth. When you use it, it is sure to attract numerous admiring glances. Each of out Yixing teacup is carefully handmade and undergoes high-temperature firing. Therefore, "there are no two identical Yixing teapots in the world." Even within the same batch, they retain their unique handcrafted traces. With careful carving, the teacup's design is a perfect representation of traditional Chinese culture. This bamboo joint teacup is made from natural materials, specifically the original Yixing ore purple clay. Purple clay is a scarce resource, and its excellent heat retention is due to its good porosity. The unique cooling curve helps the tea maintain its original flavor, making it an ideal choice for tea brewing,even more suitable than pottery and porcelain. The craftsman has more than 30 years of experience in teapot crafting. Through this object, you can witness the artisan spirit that the author intends to convey.

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